Customer Centric Approach

Competitive Pricing and achieved quality

Oxford Engineering Eesti, the Estonia subsidiary of Oxford Engineering UK allows the production of low cost machined items and assemblies in the low to medium volume sector - primarily for the UK market.

However, the competitive price level is not achieved at the expense of quality. Oxford Engineering Eesti is run by the same principles and quality procedures as its group companies in the UK. ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified, the company is working towards the achievement of AS9100 aerospace qualification. Managerial and technical knowledge are completely transferred to the company in order to keep the Group´s competitive service level.

The range of in-house machinery is constantly under review, ready to respond to the specific needs of every customer.

Multiple Market Experience

We provide multiple market experience and supply the world leaders in the Medical, Energy (Oil and Gas & Power Generation), Semi conductor and Aerospace arenas . Our relentless adaption to the needs of current and new sectors allow us to match the high and ongoing expectations of our customers.

Involvement Policy

We involve our customer in any matter relevant to achieving his goals and expectations. In the unlikely event of issues jeopardising the Delivery in Full, on Time and Quality we inform the customer of the relevant issues in a close time-window.

Open Book Policies

Open book policy is to clearly and openly provide customers with pricing breakdowns. Confirming material and non recurring elements costs allows both parties to focus on the true manufacturing cost. This openess with our clients from costing through to manufacturing methods embeds our relationship and sustains a strong, long term and mutually beneficial partnership.

Delivery in Full, on Time and Quality

Right First Time

Our business fully invests to provide the flexiblility needed to match the customer expectation of Delivery in Full, on Time, Quality and Cost.

Focus on Deadlines

With an intense focus on meeting the delivery deadlines, Oxford Engineering Eesti aknowledges the high value of On Time Delivery for all our customers. With a constant improvement of the entire process of manufacturing and logistic, including major investments in machinery and processes, we constantly keep focussed on meeting the customer deadlines.

KAS Technologies Group (Parent Company of Oxford Engineering)

Possible Synergy and Low Risk

Customers are confident in placing their business in the hands of a financially secure and independent company. Working with the Group is no-risk option. A number of different machines with the same capabilities provide the best solution, with back up, across four main sites. Audited external sources for processes are matched to the standard of the service offered by the Group, approved and controlled by the in-house supply chain team. The Group’s kanban and consignment stocking facilities provide safety stock on hand at all times for each stage of the manufacturing process while components, kits of parts and sub-assemblies are produced to an agreed schedule and stored at our cost. When the customer calls off further supplies, the required quantity can be shipped within 24 hours to meet just-in-time requirements. Lean manufacturing practice and competitive pricing makes the KAS Technologies Group the benchmark by which other suppliers are judged.