Accreditations / Certifications

Total commitment to Quality is evidenced by following ISO quality certifications: ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004.

The scope of those accreditations covers the entire business of Oxford Engineering Eesti: THE MANUFACTURE OF CUSTOM PRECISION MACHINED COMPONENTS AND MECHANICAL ASSEMBLIES.

Group's Awards

The KAS Technologies Group, parent company of Oxford Engineering Eesti, was finalist at the Manufacturer Of The Year Awards 2007 in the category "Manufacturing Operations" for achieving world-class manufacturing.

More about the Manufacturer Of The Year Awards

Management Board's Awards

Please find more information about the awards of Karim Sekkat, Chairman & Managing Director of Oxford Engineering UK, under his profile:

In process Quality Control


Quality Control is only one facet, albeit an important aspect, in which the Company has invested, not only in personnel, but also in equipment. Whilst we still employ an ‘Inspector’ all of our highly skilled machinists accept they are fully responsible for the quality of their own work. This responsibility extends to performing the majority of the in-process QC, with the most capable of using our 3-axis measurement machines. Full accountability is ensured through each stage of manufacture by completion of inspection reports, in addition to the traditional First-off, Patrol and Final inspection functions.

Employee training in the UK

Employees travel to HQ in Oxford for training, the company is overseen and run by the UK management. If required, new jobs are proved in the UK before technology is transplanted to Estonia. Safety stock and emergency manufacture in the UK provide a safety net. Knowing the history of the Group, customers can be confident in sourcing from a low cost Eastern European facility as a no risk option, offering cost saving advantages, backed by the quality and expertise from the Group that they have come to expect.

Testing: CMM (Coordinate Measurement Machine)

From simple acceptance gauging through to CMM. We use the most suitable tool for the job to ensure conformity.

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