Complex Multi-Axis Machining

Competing at the cutting edge is paramount to the high level of service Oxford Engineering Eesti offers its customers. Keeping the technology level high is fundamental. State of the art facilities offer multi axis one-hit mill/ turn, CNC milling and turning facilities.


Customers derive maximum benefits by ordering total manufacture of electro-mechanical assemblies or kits, which call on supply chain management, contract manufacturing as well as CNC machining and welding. The company is part of the group which can offer all that.

In Estonia the assembly area is 150 m2 and contains clean assembly area and storage facilities.  A collaborative supply chain for proprietary parts, materials, specialised offsite processes and engineering services has been developed.

Ultrasonic cleaning machine and manual CMM TOO for checking measures are providing valuable input for performing high level services.


The company is capable of managing world wide purchase network and organise finished products from factory to the customers door.