With valuable experience acquired in KAS Technologies Group, we provide manufacturing solutions for a number of different and demanding industries. Confident that we can deliver over and above our promise, Oxford Engineering Eesti prides itself on working with customers in an individual, efficient and open manner. With the latest techniques in management and machinery, Oxford Engineering Eesti can provide the complete engineering solution from design to supply, backed with confidence and care.

Substantial Cost Reduction

A large multi-national medical company benefited from this cost effective way of working together. Winning the business on the basis of projected savings, Oxford Engineering Eesti was able to save the customer 21% over a year.

Incremental cost savings over time benefit the customer – making products more competitive for the end user, thus improving sales volumes. Savings are shared, with no loss of margin, improving business profitably for the whole supply chain

Establishing In-Time Delivery System

A German owned company manufacturing medical parts in the UK benefited from a long-term cooperation with Oxford Engineering Eesti to call off parts when required – reducing manufacturing lead time. This large account consists of a number of components per kit delivered in volume by our parent company. The manufacturing process uses forgings which are machined and kitted up into sets in Oxford Engineering Eesti.

Normal lead time is 16 weeks but the agreement enables the customer to call off 40 kits per week – with only a week’s notice. Oxford Engineering Eesti achieves this by lean manufacturing in kanban quantities and consignment stocking, using state of the art machine tools that can run at 20,000 rpm achieves extreme productivity. The customer derives all the benefits of JIT as well as the economies of a lean manufacturing process.